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The Vertex of Winegrowing

Harvest begins again September 15th, 2018

The Vertex of Winegrowing

Winegrowing can be an emotional profession. There are an incredible amount of challenges and triumphs throughout the season. Then comes the highly anticipated time of year, harvest. Pride overcomes your sense of being as we walk side by side with our crew in silence into the vine rows to begin what we have all been waiting for and worked for all year.

Harvest is the time were are reaping our crop. Each cluster has been meticulously cared for. It is perhaps difficult to imagine what this truly means. As winegrowers, Justin and I are very specific in our intentions. Our goal, our purpose, our objective is one -- to reach optimum, and the most desirable varietal flavors. Timing is crucial. You cannot wait when you might have time and it is convenient, but rather it is the fine fruit on the vine which speaks to you and says now. Personally, it many ways it is similar to childbirth.

Justin and I had a conversation only yesterday morning after we had walked the vine rows of the various clones we tasted thru beginning with interpreting the flavor and acid structure, then we examine the berry and maturity of the seeds alongside transparency of the flesh. Grape maturity can be defined as the physiological age of the berry on the vine. We are analyzing this maturity based on many factors.

Our Chardonnay is crafted with multipicity of clones. This abundance gives a grand amount of choice in the what we are working toward achieving and this is depth. We have share the story of sitting the grand orchestra hall. You find you seat among the other lover's of music. The silent quiet the hall as the orchestra begins. First slowly with the simple, exquisite note of a violin in the first row. The solo continue with intrique and vibrocity. Then -- with no further ado, the entire orchestra takes command of the evening. The notes begin to melt in to one another, as you watch the bows go up and down, the percussionist takes the stage with the beat so loud you feel the vibration to your bones. It's captivating. Then you hear the symphonic harmonics, the overtone accompanying a fundamental tone at a fixed interval. It's captivating. The harmonics of a wine, our wine is the mouthfeel balanced by the longevity.

The hands of the artist and crafts man and woman have achieved greatness. And captured your attention.

The Vertex of Winegrowing

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