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Garden Creek
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The Powers that Be

Dynamics of Land, Vine and Humankind September 15th, 2019

The Powers that Be

Harvest has begun at Garden Creek with our first pick of our Alexander Valley Chardonnay clonal selections now in tank settling before we place in french barrels to begin the long, slow fermentations ahead. Justin and I also own two vineyard sites in Anderson Valley, Mendocino in Philo of another 170 acres where we are headed to this evening to night harvest Pinot Noir Calera clone. The days, weeks and months of 2019 evaporated quickly in deep meaning and have brought magical, life changing experiences sharing our wines with individuals who also inspire us. In pursuing our dreams, magic happens.

As most ideas and ambitions in life, I find you must speak them out load, write down your words on paper and chase them without hesitation, doubt or vacillation. Our pursuits include seeking depths in our exquisite, land with complicated soils, our individual vines physiology and our sustainable techniques in winegrowing and winemaking. Then as our wines are crafted, individually approached, and given time in bottle to integrate and become wiser.

The next step is sharing.

Today our wines are shared with you on our mailing list and those who find us by referral. Luck and circumstance also have a bit to do with it as far as finding us. We prefer it this way. We prefer a small list rather than large as you know. As it may be, sharing our wines at the table is the ultimate final destination. Many years ago, I read about an organization that exemplified our ideals -- create memories in "celebration of people and place and the origins of good food and drink. A single long table set in an extraordinary site. Existing in that place for just that day, in grateful appreciation." Their name is Outstanding in the Field.

The Powers that Be

After an early spring visit by the creative owner and extraordinaire, Jim Deneven, we were mutually attracted to each other's business ideals and I will say our personal energies meshed. He asked if we would share our beautiful land with his company. This past June, we sought greatness together alongside the uber talented Food & Wine 2016 Top Chef -- Ravi Kapur with his team from his San Francisco restaurant Liho Liho Yacht Club. Magic happened between us. Ravi, Justin and I sat down and spoke for hours regarding our wines and his food. We talked style, aromatics, weight, texture and longevity and of course, relationship.

Two-hundred twenty five guests arrived on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon to experience Garden Creek like no other time before. We talked, shared stories and together walked up to our highest peak on our property -- what we have named Champagne Hill. The dynamic view of Alexander Valley is voluminous and breathtaking with expansive view of the gorgeous valley nearly taking your breath away. We sat down for the meal at one long table side by side. Each plate served nearly simultaneously as each glass of wine was poured at the cool, proper temperature as Justin and I demand of our wines.

The evening was pure magic. Ravi's delightful flavors, Jim's dedicated crew with Outstanding in the Field and Garden Creek wines each married as if we had been together for decades. Our guest's face exuded smiles and contentment all evening until we said our last good-byes. Yet each good bye we simultaneously said until next time.

It's these moments we strive for, and we live for. We will have an evening as this planned for 2020 and would love for you to join us. It's limited to 225 guests just as our wines are limited in nature. This too means the desire to be a part of something this special has been thoughtfully decided upon by each individual who has been lucky enough to purchase a seat.

We also share intimate meals and evening on our property with smaller tables which we too hope you may return for. Whether 225 or 20 guests at the table -- intimacy, laughter and profound conversations and wines will be shared.

Justin and I believe strongly in less is more. Quality is much greater than quantity. Deep friendships are more meaningful than simply names on a list. As we say to each of you when you have visited, our place at Garden Creek is to build relationships to last a lifetime. Life is fleeting yet one thing is certain, we will always continue to walk our land, live our passions, and be who we are. Until next time...

The Powers that Be

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