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Discerning Tastes

An individual path of one’s own September 9th, 2017

Discerning Tastes

Timing is everything in life. Especially for those moments when turning back is not an option. This moment can be serendipitous, arriving naturally. Others must be well thought out with precision on exactly when and how. Best outcomes are those which take extensive, articulate planning, a tremendous amount of hard work, great thought behind what can be, and perhaps most important that intrinsic feeling of the thrill in forging ahead.

A strong belief of ours, and we both have it, is to hold true to what we know is possible. I will say we are seekers of the thrills in life. We enjoy going to the edge of uncertainty while holding true to our beliefs, our skills and our place. It’s what sets an entrepreneur apart from the rest. And what sets a wine apart in speaking its place, rather than of commonality. It’s the pure character of a wine from grapes chosen by articulate decision-making, in allowing maturity, and precision in understanding taste.

Seeking the flavors of exquisite character is discernible when all senses are alive. Feeling the moisture or dryness, looking at the leaves, softness of skins and browning in seeds, tasting the juice while chewing to decipher the maturity in flavors of the seeds and skins, and while listening to each other. We know indicators of wine quality of the best years for wine grape harvest typically include warm summers with above-average rainfall early in the growing season and late-season drought. This gives vines plenty of heat and moisture to grow early in the season, while drier conditions later in the season shift them away from vegetative growth and toward greater fruit maturity and flavor.

Wine quality depends on a great number of factors beyond climate, including grape varieties and clones, soil variations, techniques in vineyard management and winemaking skills. The controlled style of an artisan is discerning these as a whole to understand the individuality of a wine. This is exactly what drives us in creating our Garden Creek Tesserae.

A thrilling endeavor on this path, hand in hand.

Discerning Tastes

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