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Part Devotion, Part Crazy

A mental state between man and soil

We have been doing this for a very long time. Farming is definitely not a weak man’s sport. At least for those who are dedicated to growing, producing and making something very worthwhile. Once you come to the point of no return, you will do anything to get to the peak. Much like heli-snowboarding in the untouched mountains of Norway. You either do it or don’t go home.

Farming is a devotion to many things.. It’s a devotion to a plant, your place and land, and typically a good wife keeping you nourished (and hopefully her husband will feed her too!). Winegrowing is unlike any other profession. The rhythm, the seasons, it’s all a part of your own circadian rhythm. Each will not work without the other. And such a delicate balance.

Long days in the hot sun. No end in site for the end of your vineyard row. Hand hoeing vines in the 1970s... these were our summers. Tasting the dust in your mouth, dryness in your nostrils, and undeniable thirst for water... as the minutes become hours, you begin to think of many other things. Life, friends, love... it all starts to feel a bit like ping pong.

Without the experiences of simple good hard work, we would not appreciate the incredible place we stand today. Justin and I work with our hands each and every day. He more than I, I will admit. His strong dirty farming hands show an incredible story of the crazy dedication to this thing... this thing called farming. We say it’s a good crazy.

October 3, 2016

A Milestone

A Collaboration of Great Minds and Talent

I will say with great pride, admiration and respect we love these guys. When you work on projects… work projects, wine projects, your family’s storytelling and a website redesign... it’s sensitive and sometime hard to fully open up. Especially talking about yourself. At least, that’s who we are. Modest.

Then we met these guys... the 750 Group including Tyson Caly, Tori Williams and Byron Hoffman (pictured above right). And then of course, an added bonus of the project was working with the incredibly talented and driven photographer named Eric Wolfinger (pictured below). Each meeting each time with these individuals was a complete collaboration of minds and deeply thrilling. As a designer myself, I have high, articulate standards and know exactly what I want. So I thought.

These people push the envelope. They make you go into the place of raw goodness. Our website project become so much more… greater and deeper than we ever expected. More painful at times and then profound and euphoric.

Now as we debut this beauty, we cannot be more proud. Byron Hoffman is an enormously talented designer we worked most closely with. We sat for hours talking, drinking wine, talking about winemaking, winegrowing, the old days, love, marriage, divorce, children... and even a hysterical conversation about a white roll of tp. Everything.

You cannot get to the core of greatness without reaching into the stuff that makes you tick, makes you go wild and love life. That’s what 750, Byron and Eric all managed to do. So enjoy reading and the eye candy on our new website. Enjoy getting to know who Garden Creek really is today. We are thrilled to share this with you after one of the most incredible journeys to get here.

And thank you guys. We love you.

September 1, 2016